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Le Petit Mont - Petit Nuage - 10ml


LE PETIT MONT faithfully reproduces this small shortbread from the french western coast so dear to our childhood memories.

Le Sorbet Poire - 50ml - Maison Distiller


A delicious strawberry lemon sorbet with a hint of fresh

Feuilles Rouges - Petit Nuage - 10ml


Sun, red fruits, classic scented tobacco, balanced as possible, Feuilles Rouges more than a juice, a signature.

Le Sorbet Tropical - 50ml - Maison Distiller


A delicious Jackfruit sorbet, an exquisite tropical fruit

La Pause Noisette - Petit Nuage - 10ml


It's break time, relax with this hazelnut coffee, ALL DAY VAPE guaranteed

Pomme Rosa 30ml - Birdy


The ROSA APPLE is native to Australia. It has a unique aromatic richness and an inimitable color. It was John Crips, an inspired researcher, who had the delicious idea of crossing two varieties of apple under the scorching sun of Stoneville. The Leadbeater Cockatoo made it his new daily feast. A vitalizing journey, a perfect balance between sugar and acidity. This forbidden fruit will become your cute sin!

Le Dessert de Mamie - Petit Nuage - 10ml


It's the memory of the creme brulee caramel that grandma prepared for afternoon tea

Sugar Daddy Biggie 200 ml - Big Papa


Flak'd - Primitive Vapor - 100ml


Flak'd by Primitive Vapor, a delicious pistachio Baklava recipe!

Buttermilk Pie - Primitive Vapor - 100ml


Primitive Vapor's Buttermilk Pie, a delicious caramelized and puffed cream pie recipe.

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