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  • Brand: Roykin

Le Petit Mont - Petit Nuage - 10ml


LE PETIT MONT faithfully reproduces this small shortbread from the french western coast so dear to our childhood memories.

Goyave frappée - Petit Nuage - 10ml


Did you say "summer cocktail"? we answer you "Goyave frappée"! Very fresh guava sweetness twisted by a hint of raspberry fruit.

Feuilles Rouges - Petit Nuage - 10ml


Sun, red fruits, classic scented tobacco, balanced as possible, Feuilles Rouges more than a juice, a signature.

Infusion d'ailleurs - Petit Nuage - 10ml


Infused hibiscus refreshed by a leaf of mint, this is the recipe of the bissap of distant voyages restored in this original and balanced juice.

La Pause Noisette - Petit Nuage - 10ml


It's break time, relax with this hazelnut coffee, ALL DAY VAPE guaranteed

Sironade Pamplemo - Petit Nuage - 10ml


Fresh and tangy, Sironade Pamplemo is the perfect companion for your sweet afternoons.

Sironade Violette - Petit Nuage - 10ml


A naturally flowery and delicious violet flavor. The Authentic Violet Syrup recipe that will transport you to the heart of Toulouse, the Pink City.

La Petite Limo - Petit Nuage - 10ml


An old-fashioned lemonade that will revive your childhood memories.

Le Dessert de Mamie - Petit Nuage - 10ml


It's the memory of the creme brulee caramel that grandma prepared for afternoon tea

Grenade Pilée - Petit Nuage - 10ml


The taste of a fresh granita with pomegranate during the summer holidays.

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