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La Gaufrette Framboises - 10ml - Maison Distiller

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A succulent golden straw with sweet raspberry.

This new nectar will undoubtedly awaken the memory of your tender childhood snacks. Inspire, relive!

Attention, for the formula with nicotine salts the ratio of VG / PG goes down to 50/50.

La Gum Menthe Chlorophylle - 10ml - Maison Distiller


Chewing gum that refreshes your breath without tearing your glottis.
An electrifying flavor of mint & chlorophyll, between sweetness and freshness.

Le Gum Menthe Glaciale - 10ml - Maison Distiller


Glacial Mint gum is a perfectly balanced, fresh, icy mint.

Le Blond Authentic - 10ml - Maison Distiller


For the true Tobacco lovers, a complex and authentic blond blend

Le Biscuit Vanillé - 10ml - Maison Distiller


An old-fashioned cookie recipe flavored with an exquisite vanilla endemic to Tahiti.
A delicious heritage left from our Polynesian grandmother.

Attention, for liquids with nicotine salts the ratio of VG / PG goes down to 50/50.

Le Blond de Virginie - 10ml - Maison Distiller


An authentic blond tobacco, light, embellished with a vanilla bean and a hint of caramel.

Le Blond Classic - 10ml - Maison Distiller

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For true tobacco lovers, a soft and suave blond blend.

Le Blond Menthol - 10ml - Maison Distiller


For true tobacco lovers, the real menthol blond.

Le Thé Fruits des Bois - 10ml - Maison Distiller


A delicious, sweet and slightly fresh forest fruits tea.

Le Thé Goyave Passion - 10ml - Maison Distiller


A delicious blend of passion tea and sweet Guava, slightly fresh.

La Corne de Gazelle - 10ml - Maison Distiller


A yummy oriental dessert, inspired during a trip to the Mediterranean sea.
(tapered almond, icing sugar butter, hint of orange blossom ...) The desert bouquet in a dessert

Le Gum Fraise Fraîche - 10ml - Maison Distiller


A confectionery strawberry from the woods, a chewing gum with a mixture of red fruits.

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