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Le Gum Fraise Fraîche - 10ml - Maison Distiller


A confectionery strawberry from the woods, a chewing gum with a mixture of red fruits.

Le Yaourt Pêche - 50ml - Maison Distiller


The delectable flavor of peach combined with the pleasure of a drinking yoghurt

Le Blond de Virginie - 10ml - Maison Distiller


An authentic blond tobacco, light, embellished with a vanilla bean and a hint of caramel.

Le Yaourt Citron - 50ml - Maison Distiller


A lemon zest inside the sweetness of a yoghurt

Le Blond Classic - 10ml - Maison Distiller

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For true tobacco lovers, a soft and suave blond blend.

Aphrodite - Prestige Juice


Strawberries and hibiscus tea

Ice Mint - Salt E-Vapor


Le Biscuit Vanillé aux Noix - 50ml - Maison Distiller


A blend of nuts on a gently vanilla cookie dough.

Le Blond Menthol - 10ml - Maison Distiller


For true tobacco lovers, the real menthol blond.

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Le Brun de Romana - 10ml - Maison Distiller


A delicious "fresh from the oven" spice cake with a hint of tobacco in the base and a pinch of vodka to coat it all.

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